About Us

Altius Corporate Services is a composite risk management, insurance, account receivable consultants and B2B debt collection support, led by a talented group of individuals who have been working with total experience of around 50+ years together in the finance and insurance sector/ services. Altius is one of the few consultant company who work towards the BAD DEBTS vertical in the finance industry, in India and across 100+ countries around the globe.
We are service oriented company that provides all classes of insurance products under one roof - Life Insurance, Medical Insurance, General Insurance or Trade Credit Insurance. Our alliances with all the various insurance providers, brokers and underwriters makes it possible for us to offer best solutions and places the company in a powerful position for negotiation & offering competitive prices. Our expertise consultant services and solutions are oriented on the markets’ needs and have the profitable advantages. We place the clients and their needs as the main priority of our activity in the B2B trade transactions in any industry across the globe.
Our solutions for customised Risk & A/R Management, Insurance, Debt Collections and A/R management services helps strengthening credit management systems for wider coverages & business-friendly structures keeping in mind the clients trading benefits for expansion in domestic or International markets, holding the leading position and gain clients’ trust and respect.


Our Mission is to provide the outstanding services and quality consultation our client deserves. Providing creative solutions, quality products, and comprehensive services is of utmost importance.


Our Vision is to set the standard of excellence among the best consultancy providers by being financially strong, innovative and exceeding customer expectations. We will ensure and maintain the very best employees and agents to help us achieve the clients goals.

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